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Advance Scraping Company | Precision Machine Rebuilding
Complete Machine Rebuilding Way and Box
Way Grinding
Installation of Turcite or Rulon Way - Replacement Re-scraping of machine Ways Harden Ways Reconditioning
and Repair
Rebuilding of score ways / Spray weld of Harden Ways

About Advance Scraping Company

Four factors are critical in selecting a supplier to rebuild your company's machinery:

  • Technology
  • Experience
  • Service
  • Cost

Advance Scraping Company has created its business based upon these four factors. We are located in southeastern Michigan and we are able to supply your business with excellent services at a reasonable price.

More the 35 years of experience remanufacture machinery has gone into shaping Advance Scraping Company. With our extensive background in holding close tolerances do to our Precision Hand Scraped Masters, we will assure you excellent craftsmanship on every project.

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