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Advance Scraping Company | Precision Machine Rebuilding
Complete Machine Rebuilding Way and Box
Way Grinding
Installation of Turcite or Rulon Way - Replacement Re-scraping of machine Ways Harden Ways Reconditioning
and Repair
Rebuilding of score ways / Spray weld of Harden Ways

Complete Machine Rebuilding

Fadal cnc is our specialty when it comes time to rebuild your Fadal .
Specializing in Fadal CNC rebuilding, We disassemble the machine complete and inspect each and every part, checking the machine and base ways for wear, flatness and alignment. We are world wide and taking a major leap forward in rebuilding rigid box way constructed machines. In the rebuilding process minimizing friction between to way surfaces ensures effective advanced performances at a high feed rate. In re-scraping a machine or rebuilding the ways to a new machine tolerance we are ensuring the customer that there machine is performing to the highest level of speed and accuracy that the machine is designed for.

  • Index rotary tables
  • Index rotary table rebuilding
  • Index rotary table repair
  • Tooling
  • Rebuilding and repair Fadals
  • Fadal box ways repair
  • Complete Head Rebuilding
  • Okuma
  • Fryers
  • Cincinnati
  • Kitamura
  • All Gibs and Keepers
  • All Slide Units and Assembly
  • I.D. Grinders
  • Boring Mill Table and Saddles
  • Replace of Rulon and Turcite ways repair
  • Mattisons
  • Fadal box ways rebuilding
  • Fadal cnc machine table and saddle rebuilding
  • Fadal cnc replacement of rulon ways
  • Fadal cnc liner replacement and repair
  • Rebuilding of slide units
  • Slide units assembly
  • Grinders
  • Reids Surface Grinders
  • Cincinnati
  • Thompson
  • Parker Majestic
  • Parker Majestic O.D.
  • Landis
  • Harig
  • Norton
Complete Machine Rebuilding
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